Amazing videos of your baby's life in the womb and birth  

Instruction video on how to inflate and deflate the La Bassine birthing pool.  Our birth pools are free to use but there is a charge for the liner.  The pools can be used at home or hospital, please phone 027 472 0077

 The following series of videos that provide wonderful information of the growth and development of your baby in the womb.  They can also be watched at the Baby Centre   website.

Labour and Birth.  We apologise if an advertisement appears on the video but it is a very good teaching video of what happens to your body during labour and birth. 

 A waterbirth at home

A waterbirth at home


Candles, low lights and peaceful surroundings, just the ideal environment to have your baby.

Waterbirths and Dolphin Midwives 

 If you would like additional support with breastfeeding, please call in to the Drop-In breastfeeding clinic, they are based at Te Puawai Ora, Keays Road, Whangarei.  No need to make an appointment, just call in every Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am and 2pm, bring your baby and have a chat with the Lactation consultants.